Rock Your World - Sharing the Brand of Me

Finally, we are ready to share our brand! Let's 'Rock Your World' by reviewing and feeding back on other people's brands and celebrating the 'Brand of Me'.

Peer Review Activity:

  • Take TWO numbers as you enter the room, they must be different colored paper
  • ROUND ONE:The number on GREEN paper
    • Find the ONE other person in the room with GREEN and the same number
    • Sit together for 10 min. and share your brand for the other person to review
    • Write the review as a short Spotx blog post within the Brand of Me group
    • What are you looking for?
      • Words x 3
      • Image x 1 (or 3)
      • Website/webspace
      • Video - finished? uploaded to website?
  • NOW - take 10 min to do any alterations you may have time to do with your Brand based on the peer feedback before we start Round 2
  • ROUND TWO:The number on SALMON paper
    • Find the TWO other people in the room with this number
    • Sit together for 15 minutes and share your branding
    • Decide which one of you will be featured during the final presentations
    • Decide if that person will present themselves OR if the other 2 people will present them
  • Rock Your World Celebrations!
    • ONE person from each team will be featured in a whole group celebration and presentation session
      • Share your video, images, words and website in 3 min or less (yes, there is a time limit!)
      • We are hoping the Internet will be up! If not, make sure your multimedia is on a USB!
    • We will then all vote on the top brands - and there WILL be prizes!